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48-year-old man visually impaired Turkish man invents smart cane

48-year-old man visually impaired Turkish man invents smart cane

Ayhan Öztürk, a 48-year-old Turkish entrepreneur who is visually impaired, seeks to inspire and create employment opportunities for others with disabilities with his business acumen.

Öztürk, who lost his vision in his 20s, invented a smart white cane, named “Netgör,” which translates to “See Clearly,” that helps disabled people navigate society in a more independent, safe and comfortable way. The award-winning entrepreneur’s next goal is to expand its production with export-oriented projects that employ those with disabilities.

In high school, Ayhan Öztürk was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a rare genetic disorder that causes loss of vision, and he gradually lost his sight over the course of four years. After he completed his education Öztürk wanted to inspire the visually impaired and began creating products that cater to the blind at his workshop in Turkey‘s Istanbul.

Öztürk told his story to Anadolu Agency (AA), “When my eyes gradually darkened over four years, I lost my ability to see. During this time, I inevitably experienced hard times. I thought that I was the only visually impaired person in the world. But after a period of time, I started to believe that education overcomes every obstacle. I received training in many areas such as mathematics, IT, writing and crafts at rehabilitation centers in Istanbul. And I saw a brand new world there.”