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5-year-old Syrian girl gets treatment in Turkey

5-year-old Syrian girl gets treatment in Turkey

Five-year-old Hane Amadin Dimo, whose face and body were severely burned because of a bomb that hit her home during clashes in Syria, has been receiving treatment at Turkey’s Akdeniz University Hospital for two years. Despite a significant recovery after many facial surgeries, she will need seven to eight more operations to lead a normal life.

Hane’s mother, Fatma Mansur Dimo, a mother of three, told Demirören News Agency (DHA) that a fire broke out at their house after a bombardment by the Bashar Assad regime in Aleppo four years ago. She said that their house was destroyed and her children were injured. She also lost many of her relatives to the attacks. She added that together with her daughter Hane, her family moved to northern Syria’s al-Bab province, which they thought was safer than Aleppo.

The mother said they thought Hane’s treatment was not possible as her face was unrecognizable. However, with the support of a philanthropist from Istanbul, the family came to southern province of Antalya and Hane’s treatment started two years ago by professor Ömer Özkan of Akdeniz University.

Speaking on the treatment process, Özkan said that they are working to encourage Hane to adapt to social life after two years of medical care.