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560 hotels received Safe Tourism Certification in Antalya

560 hotels received Safe Tourism Certification in Antalya

According to the latest data published by Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Ministry, over 2,180 hotels received Safe Tourism Certification across the country.

According to the ministry, Turkey’s tourism capital Antalya hosts the biggest number of hotels, which received the certificate. The ministry said, 631 hotels applied for the program, while 560 hotels managed to receive the certificate.

Antalya is followed by Muğla and Istanbul, with 329 and 258 hotels accordingly.

The Safe Tourism Certification Program was launched by the Foreign Ministry, Culture and Tourism Ministry and Transport Ministry. The scheme covers a broad range of safety measures concerning transportation, accommodations and the health and safety of tourists and hospitality employees alike.

The certificate, issued by international certification institutions, validates the execution of strict health and hygiene requirements at airlines, airports and other transport facilities, as well as in accommodation outlets and food and beverage venues.