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90-year-old Turkish man and his 70-year-old son have beaten COVID-19

90-year-old Turkish man and his 70-year-old son have beaten COVID-19

Defying the odds, a father and son have beaten the novel coronavirus in northern Turkey despite their old ages.

Ninety-year-old Saban Sap and his 70-year-old son Kurtes Sap contracted the virus from guests visiting them in Niksar, Tokat.

Father Sap got unwell when he went to a hospital to receive dialysis treatment. He showed symptoms of COVID-19 at the emergency service and tested positive for the virus.

After his father, Kurtes also went to the hospital with soar throat and he also tested positive for COVID-19.

The father was discharged from the hospital after 20-day treatment and his son left hospital following a five-day cure after they tested negative for the virus.

Father Sap told Anadolu Agency that he was so happy to beat the disease and advised everyone to wear a mask.

Recalling the hard experience they had, his son also called on people to comply with mask-wearing and social distance rules to stem the spread of virus.

“This process was like a prison for me,” he said.

“Since my father is old, it was so tough for him. We are happy to beat coronavirus together,” he said.

“Those who do not wear mask will go through this punishment,” younger Sap said, adding that there is also the risk of transmitting the virus to other people.

Although all age groups are at risk of getting infected with coronavirus, older people face a significant risk of developing severe illness if they contract the disease due to physiological changes that come with aging and potential underlying health conditions.

Turkey on Tuesday reported 1,761 new cases of the novel coronavirus, bringing overall infection count to 283,270.

The Health Ministry has registered a total of 253,245 recoveries and 6,782 deaths so far.

Despite the rising number of cases, most people who contract the virus suffer mild symptoms before making a recovery.