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Bays in Antalya expected to be top destination for “coronavirus-free” holiday

Bays in Antalya expected to be top destination for “coronavirus-free” holiday

The blue bays of the Mediterranean coast, located in the Demre district of southern Antalya province, are expected to be the place for a “coronavirus-free” holiday in Turkey.

As coronavirus changed holiday concept across the world, demand on yacht tourism in Turkey will increase.

The owner of one of the agencies Ergun Dündar, said that the bays are silent these days due to the coronavirus epidemic, adding: “Last season hundreds of yachts were filling these bays every day.”

However, citizens who seeking a silent and safe place for vacation turn their faces to Blue voyages.

“The customers started calling us. There are those who want a one-week, 15-day or one-month tour. There is a high demand right now,” Dündar said.

“I believe that demand on a blue cruise will rapidly increase in comparison to the past year,” he said.

Dündar emphasized that citizens who went on holiday abroad last years, will prefer the Blue voyage as a holiday option this year and have a vacation on a yacht amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Yacht tourism will be popular this year,” he said.