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Bodrum attracts more investments despite pandemic

Bodrum attracts more investments despite pandemic

Famed for its sparkling seas, warm climate, bustling marinas, blue voyage cruises, upmarket tourism and many other unique features, the touristic hot spot of Bodrum on the Turkish Riviera has continued to attract international investments despite the pandemic.

“Domestic and foreign investments have been climbing in recent years, and they didn’t slow down during the pandemic,” Ahmet Aras, mayor of the southwestern resort town, told Anadolu Agency (AA) Monday.

The value of ongoing projects including infrastructure projects in Bodrum has so far topped $5 billion (TL 39.13 billion), Aras said, adding that prominent global firms bought idle hotels in the town and revamped them.

“Elite global hotel brands continue to flock to Bodrum,” Aras noted, adding that most of them come from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

“A globally famous fine dining restaurant – found in only five locations worldwide – opened a branch in Bodrum, and is also the only one in Turkey,” he said.

Foreign visitors also show great interest in Bodrum’s active health care sector, besides cultural attractions such as exhibitions and congresses, yacht building and sports complexes.

“Russians are mostly interested in sports tourism, especially ice hockey, which is at the project stage now,” he said.

Agriculture is also an important source of income in Bodrum, with wheat, grapes and olives among the town’s top offerings.

“We will start cultivating medicinal and aromatic plants in the northeastern part of the peninsula (called Karaova),” Aras said on the region’s growing agricultural development.

Luxury yacht building, fisheries and wineries also play an important role in Bodrum’s economy.