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Booking.com plans to open office in Turkey

Booking.com plans to open office in Turkey

Prominent online reservation site Booking.com is expected to set up an office in Turkey and pay taxes following the new internet regulations in the country mainly aimed at protecting citizens’ personal data. The new laws require social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to have representatives in the country for removing unlawful content and to block access to harmful content.

It seems that the regulation has been fruitful in kickstarting a new era for such platforms’ activities in Turkey, Booking.com being one of them. The online travel agency lacks an office in Turkey but has several across Europe and the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. The opening of an office in Turkey is also expected to remove the court decision restricting Booking.com’s activities in the country as a “precautionary measure” over unfair competition.

The Amsterdam based-company has been in ongoing talks with the finance and trade ministries. It is stated that the company will open an office in the coming days and has agreed to pay taxes worth 7.5% of its turnover obtained from Turkey businesses.