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Coronavirus cases in Turkey reach 82,329, 1,890 dead

Coronavirus cases in Turkey reach 82,329, 1,890 dead

The number of confirmed new coronavirus cases in Turkey reached 82,329, increasing by 3,783 in the past 24 hours, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced.

According to Koca, 121 patients have died in the last 24 hours, bringing Turkey’s total virus death toll to 1,890.

“1,667 patients are in intensive care, 10,453 recovered,” Koca said, adding that mobility of the youth must be curbed to prevent further spread of the disease.

Turkey has taken a series of measures to try to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, from closing schools, quarantining around 50 towns and areas and imposing a 24-hour curfew for people 65 or older.

The country rolls out a new measure almost daily. Governorates were tasked by the government with taking measures specific to every province, from limiting entry to cities to expanding social distancing rules.

The minister said they run 40,520 tests in the past 24 hours and pointed out the cities with the highest risks based on population were Istanbul, the capital Ankara, the western city of İzmir and the central city of Konya. He also emphasized that the prevalence of cases was higher for men compared to women.

The highest death toll is in Istanbul with 210 fatalities while there were no fatalities at all so far in 25 provinces.

Minister Koca said 64% of those in intensive care were people above the age of 60 and the same age group also constituted 80% of fatalities.

Koca said 74.4% of patients in intensive care also had at least one additional disease and asthma was the major risk for patients with COVID-19.

He also lamented the failure in social isolation despite the government’s repeated calls. “We see isolation measures are not heeded in big cities, particularly in Istanbul,” he said.