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Drop in COVID-19 cases, vaccination drive boost Turkey’s tourism sector

Drop in COVID-19 cases, vaccination drive boost Turkey’s tourism sector

The start of the summer season, a decline in COVID-19 cases in Turkey and an acceleration in vaccination rates have boosted tourism in the Mediterranean and South Aegean Sea regions.

In Antalya, which is called Turkey’s ” tourism capital,” and Mugla, which attracts visitors with its many resort areas, the tourist season mainly began with the domestic market.

The tourism sector, which receives tourists from countries such as Germany, Ukraine and Poland, expects the Russian and British markets, which are the main ones for Turkey, to open soon.

Erkan Yagci, Vice President of the Turkish Federation of Hoteliers (TÜROFED) and President of the Mediterranean Association of Tourist Hoteliers and Operators, said that the decrease in the number of cases and the increase in vaccination rates had a positive impact on tourism.

Yagcı noted that the Turkish tourism sector has gained the necessary trust at home and abroad through the Safe Tourism program.

“Antalya, a global tourism brand, is ready to welcome its guests in a safe and healthy manner through its certified safe tourism program,” he said.

Recalling that Antalya will host the Diplomatic Forum and the Summit of Heads of State and Government of Southeast Europe and the meeting of foreign ministers, Yagji noted that the measures taken in the field of tourism will be personally tested by state leaders.

Stating that these meetings will further increase the tourism potential of both Turkey and the province.

Yulkay Atmaka, President of the Association of Professional Hotel Managers, noted that there is activity in the domestic market, as well as in the markets of Germany and Ukraine.

Expressing strong demand from Germany, especially in the domestic market, Atmaka said: “Germany’s exclusion of Turkey from the red list has increased the number of bookings since July 1st. The domestic market is also dense. We expect a quick improvement in the situation with the lifting of the restriction on flights (from Russia). Because Russians love Turkey very much and expect the restriction to be lifted as soon as possible. “