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EU countries to welcome fully vaccinated Turkish citizens

EU countries to welcome fully vaccinated Turkish citizens

Several European Union countries are opening doors to fully vaccinated Turkish citizens. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many EU countries had stopped issuing travel visas and had even banned the entry of Turkish people with valid travel permits.

Countries that accept only those with the residence permit, have modified their rules in recent weeks.

In the new situation, the EU Commission gave equivalence to Turkey’s vaccination certificate on Aug.19.


Belgium, which is the “heart of Europe” and hosts EU institutions and NATO, is one of these countries.

The country, which had allowed travel from Turkey for a long time only under special conditions, has resumed the visa application process for Turkish citizens holding a regular passport.

People who have received two doses of the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine can enter the country by obtaining a visa, while those with a gray service passport and a green special passport can travel to Belgium if they are fully vaccinated.


Although France classifies Turkey as a red zone, it has exempted those fully vaccinated with the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine from the entry ban.

Force majeure is sought for the entry of those who have got the Chinese- Sinovac vaccine. They are also required to submit a negative test result and a 10-day quarantine requirement.


Germany has allowed Turkish citizens who have received both shots of BioNTech jabs to enter the country.

The country requires people to receive the last vaccination dose at least 14 days before departure and accepts those who already have a valid visa or visa-free travel right except in exceptional circumstances.

Countries recognize China’s Sinovac Vaccine

According to Austria’s travel arrangement for orange-list countries such as Turkey, people who have a visa or a passport that allows visa-free entry can enter the country on the condition that they get two doses of both Pfizer-Biotech or Sinovac vaccines.

Individuals who received their last dose at least 14 days before can enter the country and will not be subjected to quarantine. The same applies to the Netherlands.

Holders of a regular passport with a residence permit or visa in Greece, as well as those with special, service, and diplomatic passports, can enter the country if they have negative PCR test results taken in the last 72 hours.

On the other hand, Turkish people who have a certificate of any vaccine can enter Greece without the obligation of PCR testing, provided that they meet the necessary conditions according to the type of passport.

Hungary accepts Turkish citizens who have received two doses of any vaccine following the vaccination certificate agreement it has reached with Turkey.

Spain has been receiving visa applications since the beginning of summer. Turkish citizens who have a visa or a green or gray passport are admitted to the country, regardless of the type of vaccine they have taken.