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Global COVID-19 vaccination numbers continue to grow

Global COVID-19 vaccination numbers continue to grow

The count of COVID-19 vaccine shots administered worldwide topped 4.07 billion as of Friday, according to Our World In Data, a tracking website affiliated with Oxford University.

China, where the coronavirus originated in late 2019, ranks first globally with more than 1.62 billion vaccine jabs given across the country. India follows it with over 456 million jabs, according to the available data.

The list continues with mostly Western countries, with the US having administered over 344 million shots, Brazil 140 million, Germany 91.57 million, the UK 84.52 million, Japan 84 million, and France 71.91 million.

Turkey has so far administered more than 72.3 million vaccine shots, making it eighth worldwide, while over 40 million people have received one jab.

As COVID-19 vaccines are generally given in two separate doses per person, the count of administered vaccines does not mean that the same number of people has been vaccinated.

Since December 2019, the pandemic has claimed more than 4.2 million lives across the world, with an excess of 196.77 million cases reported, according to the US’ Johns Hopkins University.