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Health care workers and caregivers work tirelessly amid pandemic in Turkey

Health care workers and caregivers work tirelessly amid pandemic in Turkey

Houses with coronavirus patients are among the riskiest areas for infections. For those living alone or in need of home care, health care workers and caregivers work tirelessly amid the potential risk of infection for themselves.

Infected senior citizens and people with chronic illnesses who cannot leave their homes and do not have immediate family members to help them are most in need. Those not known to be infected or asymptomatic remain a risk for their carers.

In the northeastern province of Rize, health care workers reach out to about 2,000 people confined to their homes and in need of care. Throughout the outbreak, 17,400 people have benefited from home care services and 75 crews in the province go door-to-door for patients. Dr. Mustafa Sakın, an official from the Directorate of Health in Rize, says the staff exhibit hard work despite the risk and provide a wide array of home care services, from medical examination to dental hygiene, while also delivering serums and care for wounded people. Sakın told Demirören News Agency (DHA) on Monday that they were striving to keep people away from the risks associated with hospitalization.

For those seeking paid care, the caregiving sector has seen a rise in demand. Alongside legitimate businesses, an illegal collection is flourishing on social media where uncertified attendants place ads for “care of COVID-19 patients.” Some charge as much as TL 800 ($101) a day.