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Hotels in Antalya receive Healthy Tourism Certificate

Hotels in Antalya receive Healthy Tourism Certificate

Protecting the health of vacationers and minimizing the risk of any disease remains a priority for the tourism industry in Turkey.

Dozens of tourist sites in various parts of Turkey have already received the Healthy Tourism Certificate, which assumes compliance with 150 different sanitary and hygienic requirements.

The biggest number of certificates was issued to hotels and restaurants in the tourist capital of the country – Antalya.

According to the Anadolu Agency, as of June 10, 2020, 57 out of 413 tourist sites claimed for a certificate successfully passed strict control and received the appropriate document.

Among the tourist sites that have received a certificate are 49 hotels, 16 of which are located in Antalya. These are followed by Istanbul (11 hotels), Ankara and Trabzon (5 hotels each) and Mugla (3 hotels).

In addition, the Healthy Tourism Certificate was awarded to one hotel in Bingel, Tekirdag, Bursa, Balikesir, Afyonkarahisar, Sakarya, Konya, Denizli and Gaziantep.