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Hotels in Turkey to be checked by undercover inspectors

Hotels in Turkey to be checked by undercover inspectors

Turkey’s Tourism Ministry will start sending out undercover inspectors to check hygiene and safety standards at hotels as part of its new “healthy tourism certificate” program.

The ministry said Tuesday that secret inspectors will visit restaurants of hotels as “mystery guests” and will review a wide range of details from the disinfection of pools to cutlery being used to ensure the ministry’s new COVID-19 regulations have been implemented.

Inspectors will send their reviews to the ministry and the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE), and the “healthy tourism certificates” of hotels that do not meet the criteria will be suspended or canceled.

TSE’s Mediterranean region coordinator Hasan Demirtaş said hotels that obtain the certificate will be inspected on a monthly basis by the officials and undercover inspectors will be sent every two months.

Turkey introduced the “healthy tourism certificate” program in May to ensure the safety of local and foreign tourists and employees along with providing the continuation of businesses related to the tourism industry, one of the sectors most affected by the virus outbreak.