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Iranian movie production firm has chosen Turkey’s Antalya for 3 of its projects

Iranian movie production firm has chosen Turkey’s Antalya for 3 of its projects

An Iranian movie production firm has chosen Turkey’s Mediterranean tourism hub Antalya for three of its projects, citing the city’s historical and cultural wealth.

The resort city also attracts filmmakers with its natural beauty, as well as the precautions Turkey has taken against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Helia, a Tehran-based movie production company, finished shooting one movie in 53 days in the Muratpasa and Kepez districts of the province. It has since also started shooting for two other projects.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, producer and director Reza Hossein Abedi said Antalya is a natural film plateau.

“We wanted to raise awareness for the fight against drugs in the movie titled Tears of God and its shooting has been completed,” Abedi said, adding that both Iranian and Turkish actors and actresses played in the movie.

Highlighting the increasing drug usage among young people around the world, Abedi said he saw that Turkish security forces were very strict on narcotics, making drugs less widespread in the country.

“Most of the latest scripts [in Iran] are being written to be shot abroad. The closest and most suitable country for Iran is Turkey,” he said, noting the increased movie production in his country.

“Turkey will always be our first choice as we’re very close in terms of cinema and culture, too,” he said. Abedi added that natural film plateaus are also very important for producers.

He said they started shooting for their next movie which will be about COVID-19, called End of the 19th Street, with their third project, A Night of Loves, also to be shot in Antalya.

Line Producer and General Coordinator Elif Demirelli said Iranian movie-makers brought dynamism with them to Antalya in the winter months, when the city does not host tourists.

With all its advantages for filmmaking, Reza Tehrani, a leading actor in Tears of God, said Antalya is “one of the most wonderful cities in the world.”