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Istanbul Airport is the leader in Europe in terms of passenger traffic

Istanbul Airport is the leader in Europe in terms of passenger traffic

Passenger traffic at Istanbul Airport since the beginning of the year amounted to 20,972,497 people. With this indicator, the air harbor of the Turkish metropolis is in the lead in Europe. This is reported by the General Directorate of State Airports of Turkey (DHMİ).

According to DHMI, the number of flights at Istanbul Airport in January-August was 163,635, of which 47,538 were domestic, 116,097 were international.

Passenger traffic in the reporting period amounted to 20,972,497 people, including 6,291,783 on domestic flights, 14,680,714 on international flights.

Passenger traffic at Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, ranked fourth in Europe, was 11,825,342 people, and at Antalya International Airport, ranked tenth, 8,113,438 people.

Ataturk International Airport, the number of flights in January-August was 26,811.

Cargo transportation at the Istanbul airport as of the end of August reached 466 490 tons, of which 27 186 tons for domestic flights, 439 304 tons for international flights.

At Ataturk International Airport, cargo transportation amounted to 588,046 tons, including 7,041 tons on domestic, 581,005 tons on international flights.

Istanbul Airport in August served 4,563,735 passengers and 31,497 flights.