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Koca hails Turkey’s struggle against COVID-19 pandemic

Koca hails Turkey’s struggle against COVID-19 pandemic

As the country seeks to maintain a balance between restrictions and curbing new cases, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said that Turkey exhibited a strong performance against the coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking at an event in the capital Ankara on Wednesday, Koca said their success is owed to the country’s health care army. “We really have tremendous operational experience and power in pandemic management. Everyone, from staff at neighborhood clinics to contact tracing crews, was behind the success stories that can inspire books and films,” the minister said in his praises in the fight against the pandemic.

Turkey recently started experiencing a surge in the number of virus cases in the aftermath of a normalization process that involved gradual reopening that began earlier this month. Despite the rise, authorities appear to continue following a regional approach against the outbreak which involves tightening restrictions only in areas under high risk. “We have been through a period where we should take lessons, a period that has seen important developments and given us a new experience,” the minister said. He heaped praise on health care personnel at hospitals “who exerted efforts beyond their power to help people and gave us a valuable insight into their lives and into lives they touched.”

“We demonstrated a strong performance that overcame the devastating impact of the pandemic. We have a health care system rare in the world that stood strong in the face of the pandemic. It helped us to develop additional treatment options to global treatment protocols and hence, decreased our losses. We also succeeded in contact tracing, with a rate of 99%, thanks to our powerful monitoring systems,” the minister added.