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Locally developed smart disinfection cabin draws international interest

Locally developed smart disinfection cabin draws international interest

Asmart disinfection and sanitation cabin developed by a Turkish firm and used at many facilities, including airports and shopping malls, is seeing rising international interest.

DOFense has been developed to prevent the spread of infections by disinfecting people’s clothes and shoes within 10 seconds, according to DOF Robotics Chairman Mustafa Mertcan.

The automatic door takes the initial temperature measurement of people entering and is equipped with technology enabling face mask detection. Additionally, it is also capable of preventing access to people with a temperature higher than a predetermined limit.

“It checks whether you have a mask. It also automatically opens the door for you to enter if you have a mask and no high body temperature. Then you go in and it performs the disinfection process,” Mertcan told Anadolu Agency (AA).

He said the cabin provides maximum protection not only against COVID-19 but also against other viruses through its disinfection process. It sprays the disinfectant liquid through the nozzles placed on various spots in the cabin.

The company is seeing high demand from around the world, most of which comes from European and Gulf countries and the U.S., the chairman said.

“We have already carried out our shipments to countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Italy. Our shipments will also go to the United States, Kuwait and Austria,” he added.