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Masks may not be mandatory if COVID-19 cases drop below 1,000

Masks may not be mandatory if COVID-19 cases drop below 1,000

If the number of daily COVID-19 cases fall below 1,000, we will be able to take off our face masks and keep them in our pockets, Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board member professor Mustafa Necmi Ilhan said in a statement on Sunday.

“We will have to be cautious for some more time as the coronavirus exists,” he said, underlining that proper hygiene and social distancing must still be observed.

“After the number of daily cases drops below 1,000, we may keep our masks in our pockets and put them on if we get on a crowded metro or enter a shopping mall,” Ilhan added.

The professor also emphasized that Turkey’s ongoing mass vaccination campaign is the first and foremost reason for the fact that the number of daily cases has been around 5,000 for quite some time and has not spiked.

“The number of citizens that have had their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine has hit 16 million, which indicates that a quarter of the targeted population has been inoculated. If the number of people with two doses of vaccine administered hits 50 million, I believe we will then be able to drop below 1,000 infections,” he said.