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Masks without filters provide less protection against COVID-19, expert says

Masks without filters provide less protection against COVID-19, expert says

Professor Hasan Tezer, a member of the Health Ministry’s Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board, warned on Sunday that masks without filters provide less protection against the deadly infection. “Masks do not protect us 100%. If we don’t abide by social distancing rules for more than 15 minutes, infection is inevitable even if both persons wear masks,” he warned.

Health authorities repeatedly remind the public to adhere to social distancing rules, wear protective masks and heed hygiene standards against the outbreak. Failure to wear a mask in public is subject to fines, and the country has decreased the price of single-use masks. “It is great that masks are cheaper and their production increased. But we should be careful.

Even if it has three layers, masks do not protect us all the time. If it does not have a filter in the middle, it won’t provide any protection,” Tezer told Demirören News Agency (DHA). The professor said even if all parties are wearing masks, if social distancing is not observed there is a considerable risk of infection if the conversation lasts more than 15 minutes. He also urged the public to check to see if their masks have filters. “You should examine if it can be torn apart easily and how solid its filter is. A mask with a good filter would not be torn apart easily,” he pointed out.

Masks, social distancing and hygiene rules are Turkey’s only weapon against the deadly pandemic in the absence of a vaccine. The country saw a significant rise in the number of patients, fatalities and those in critical condition last week.