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More than 1.5 million tourists visited the tourist capital of Turkey in six months

More than 1.5 million tourists visited the tourist capital of Turkey in six months

Turkish Antalya continues to be one of the most significant tourist destinations in the world. In the first half of the year, the “tourist capital” of Turkey was visited by more than 1.5 million tourists.

Antalya attracts tourists with its sea, sand, sun, historical monuments and natural beauty, ancient cities and luxurious tourist sites.

Millions of tourists visit Antalya every year. Thanks to the Safe Tourism certification program, implemented under the coordination of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the local tourist sites offer opportunities for healthy and safe recreation.

During a pandemic, all the necessary measures to counter the spread of coronavirus infection are strictly observed in Antalya hotels.

According to the information of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Antalya, despite the pandemic and the restrictions on flights that were in force for some time, Antalya in January-June of this year was visited by 1 million 550 thousand 633 tourists.

Most of them are tourists from Russia – 439 thousand 209 people. This is followed by tourists from Ukraine – 429 thousand 366 people, Germany – 145 thousand 444 people, Poland – 90 thousand 739 people.

Ferit Turgut, head of the TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agents) Regional Representative Council in the Mediterranean, told AA that Antalya is visited by tourists of all nationalities.

According to him, tourists are offered opportunities for a safe rest.

“It is important that 1.5 million tourists have visited Antalya to this day. Compared to last year’s data, this is a good indicator. We hope for even greater growth,” said the head of the council.

Turgut noted that the largest number of tourists visit Antalya from Russia. Reservations for July and August indicate that the number of tourists will rise, he said.

Turgut said 250 planes on international flights landed in Antalya on July 6.

“For the weekend, that is July 3-4, the number of flights was 650. Of these, 80 were from Russia, 40 were from Ukraine and 50 were from Germany,” he said.