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Motor vehicle registrations in Turkey double in July

Motor vehicle registrations in Turkey double in July

The number of motor vehicle registrations in Turkey doubled in July (up 105.5%), compared to the same month last year, according to official data released Friday.

A total of 138,883 first- and second-hand vehicles were registered last month, rising from 67,621 in July 2019, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. On a monthly basis, the figure was also up 82.6%.

The total number of road motor vehicles registered surpassed 23.65 million through the end of this July, TurkStat said.

Last month, automobiles accounted for the lion’s share of new registrations — 59.8% — while small trucks accounted for 11.7%. Motorcycles represented 22.5%.

In terms of distribution of model brands for new registered cars, 18.9% were Renault, 15.8% Fiat, and 6.9% Volkswagen.

In January-July, the number of registered vehicles climbed 38.4% year-on-year to 526,939.