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Nobody who trusts, invests in Turkey regrets it: Erdogan

Nobody who trusts, invests in Turkey regrets it: Erdogan

Turkey’s president on Saturday urged foreign investors to come to the country, assuring that “nobody who trusts and invests in Turkey would regret it.”

“On the contrary, they’ll always be pleased with the great profits that it provides,” said Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of a polypropylene factory in the southern province of Adana.

“I invite all investors in our country and in the world to take advantage of the means and opportunities that Turkey offers in this period when the global production and logistics system is being re-established,” added Erdogan, underlining that Turkey’s doors were “open all the way” to investors.

Noting that Turkey had recently declared the launch of its Green Development Revolution, Erdogan said this initiative would raise Turkey to new levels in every field from industry to exports.

“From now on, we’re going to plan and realize all investments in our country with this approach, like the plant for which we’re laying the foundation for today,” he said. “We’re determined to bring the production infrastructures of the future to our country by using the new opportunities brought by technology, like digitalization and artificial intelligence, in the best way.”

He went on to say that the plant, which is to operate on the principle of fully-recyclable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable production, will be using the most sophisticated technologies in the field.

“That these investments are being made as the world grapples with crises like the pandemic and climate change indicate the depth of the vision of our businesspeople,” Erdogan said, adding that many developed countries, chiefly those in Europe, have chosen Turkey to meet their production needs.