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Oral hygiene and health vital amid pandemic, Turkish dentist says

Oral hygiene and health vital amid pandemic, Turkish dentist says

A Turkish dentist on Wednesday warned that if oral hygiene and health are not taken seriously, the novel coronavirus pandemic may deteriorate as infections accelerate and symptoms become more severe.

The mouth and nose are the first places that the coronavirus enters the body, Murat Akkocaoglu told Anadolu Agency, underlining the importance of oral and dental health during the pandemic.

Many have asked whether dental treatment is still safe amid the outbreak, he noted, adding that as long as dental clinics take all the necessary hygiene measures, there is no need for worry.

“Hygiene rules should be increased even more, especially during pandemics,” Akkocaoglu said, stressing that areas used during treatment must be disinfected after each use and have the equipment needed to easily provide disposable materials.

Larger clinics where distance can be maintained between patients would be more suitable to curb infection.

“Clinics should also have a personal appointment system so that the doctor can be reached with minimum contact before treatment.”

Better oral health, better body immunity

Maintaining good oral and dental health is important to prevent not only COVID-19, but other infectious afflictions as well, Akkocaoglu said.

”The mouth is the entryway to the body. Much more attention should be paid to oral and dental health and hygiene during the pandemic. The first places COVID-19 enters the human body are the mouth and nose. In short, protecting the entrance from infections is especially vital.”

However, he warned that using excessive amounts of substances like vinegar and alcohol risked damaging healthy tissue barriers.

“I recommend regular brushing of the teeth rather than other practices,” he said.