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Phase 3 trial of Turkovac jab continues in Turkey

Phase 3 trial of Turkovac jab continues in Turkey

In Turkey, the third phase of clinical trials of the first domestic vaccine against the novel coronavirus TURKOVAC continues.

Professor Erhan Akdogan, head of the Turkish Institutes of Health Administration (TÜSEB), said this in an interview with Anadolu agency.

Akdogan noted that at the moment one of the most priority areas is the production of scientific knowledge and further development of modern technologies based on them.

Turkey has succeeded in developing its own technologies, which is a source of special joy and pride, he said.

The TURKOVAC vaccine was developed by scientists from Erciyes University in collaboration with the Turkish Institutes of Health Administration (TÜSEB) under the Turkish Ministry of Health.

The first vaccines in the third phase of clinical trials were administered to volunteers on June 22 at Ankara City Hospital.

The development of a domestic vaccine against coronavirus began from the first days of the pandemic with the coordination and support of TÜSEB and the country’s Ministry of Health.

TURKOVAC became the first domestic inactive vaccine against a new type of coronavirus. At all stages – from scientific infrastructure to technology and research – the development was carried out using exclusively domestic potential. The vaccine is the result of the overwhelming and collaborative work of many stakeholders and scientists.

Akdogan noted that about 900 thousand volunteers have applied to participate in the third phase of the TURKOVAC trial. Of these, 40,822 volunteers meet established medical criteria and have been informed in detail about the third phase of the trial, he said.

According to Akdogan, since March 2020, the structure headed by him has focused on supporting and financing vaccine development projects. Currently, TÜSEB continues to finance seven projects in this direction.

“In addition, TÜSEB is playing an active role in establishing COVID-19 diagnostic centers. Currently, 20 diagnostic centers with a staff of 400 people are operating in test mode, ”Akdogan said.

Akdogan pointed out the need to start serial production after the successful completion of the third phase of clinical trials.