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Restrictions on weddings tightened in Istanbul amid pandemic

Restrictions on weddings tightened in Istanbul amid pandemic

Istanbul’s governate has reimposed a ban on indoor ceremonies, with the exception of weddings, announcing a series of measures on public gatherings in light of a rising number of coronavirus cases in the city.

According to a statement released Sunday, private functions, such as engagement parties, henna nights (traditional bachelorette parties) and circumcision ceremonies, will no longer be held in indoor spaces. Wedding parties have been deemed an exception to the ban.

However, there will no longer be food service at wedding parties except for bottled water. Dancing and other similar activities will also be banned during the ceremony.

Furthermore, guests above the age of 65 and below the age of 15 will not be allowed into venues unless they are an immediate family member, according to new rules.

The statement said the new measures will be effective as of Monday, Aug. 31.

The statement came after Turkey’s new daily coronavirus infections passed 1,500 on Friday in a worrying upward trend.

Authorities have cautioned the public to uphold the measures to stop the virus from spreading further.

The government lifted restrictions on weddings on June 1, including the lifting of intercity travel restrictions and allowing restaurants, cafes and gyms to reopen after the country “flattened the curve.”