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Snow-covered waterfalls draw visitors in Turkey’s Black Sea region

Snow-covered waterfalls draw visitors in Turkey’s Black Sea region

Though winter coupled with snowfall keeps people indoors, Erfelek Tatlica Waterfalls in Turkey’s Black Sea region draw visitors, offering serene and picturesque attractions.

Erfelek Tatlica Waterfalls, which was declared a nature reserve in 2011 by Turkey’s Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, consists of 28 waterfalls of various sizes flowing through the deep valley where two forests meet in the Erfelek district of Sinop province.

The reserve, which boasts two different walking trails of one kilometer each, also hosts a variety of wild birds and animals, such as trout, Eurasian jay, owl, duck species, squirrel, marten, weasel, rabbit, and roe deer.

People visiting the waterfalls feed ducks living in the region and take pictures in the snow-covered valley.

Mehmet Uzun, the mayor of Erfelek, told Anadolu Agency that these waterfalls are one of Turkey’s most special places, attracting visitors throughout the year.

Pointing out that it used to be difficult to reach the waterfalls during the winter season because of the transportation problems in the past, Uzun said: “We have no such trouble now. Our roads are open for citizens to enjoy this beautiful view.”

Snowfall around the waterfalls offers a rare view to tourists in this season, he added.