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The count of COVID-19 vaccines given worldwide topped 4.48 billion

The count of COVID-19 vaccines given worldwide topped 4.48 billion

y, according to Our World In Data, a tracking website affiliated with Oxford UniversityOver 4.48B coronavirus vaccines given across world, according to Our World in Data on the website shows that China, where the coronavirus first emerged in late 2019, leads the global count with over 1.78 billion shots.

India comes second with more than 508.66 million jabs, followed by the US with some 351.93 million. Brazil has administered nearly 153 million shots, while the figure stands at 102.91 million in Japan.

Meanwhile, Germany has administered over 95.33 million shots followed by the UK with 86.61 million doses.

According to the Turkish Health Ministry figures as of 3.40 p.m. (1240GMT), the country has administered more than 78.82 million jabs. Over 42.49 million people in Turkey have gotten their first vaccine shots, whereas the count of those getting both jabs has reached some 30.35 million.

As most vaccines are given in two doses, and some countries such as Turkey have started to give third booster shots, the tally of delivered shots does not correspond to the number of people vaccinated.

France and Indonesia reported respectively 77.63 million and 75.66 million vaccine jabs given, followed by Mexico, Italy, Russia, and Spain.

The number of COVID-19 cases around the world now stands at over 203.47 million, including more than 4.3 million related deaths, according to the US’ Johns Hopkins University.