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Tourists flock to Azmak River in southwestern Turkey

Tourists flock to Azmak River in southwestern Turkey

The beauty of the aquarium-like Azmak River in Akyaka region of Ula district of Muğla province, southwestern Turkey, has started to attract even more attention after NASA’s social media post about the waterway. Every year, thousands of visitors from within the country and abroad visit the river looking to have a calm, green holiday.

The United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shared an Instagram story showing the Azmak River with the caption, “Wow … Take in the beauty in Azmak River in Akyaka,” on April 22, Earth Day, on its official account.

Pouring into the Gulf of Gökova, famous for its natural beauty, the river is home to dozens of animal species, from otters to sea turtles, as well as different plant species, some of which are indigenous to tropical climates.

Tourists navigating the river on boats and canoes have the opportunity to see these plant and animal species. The ice-cold flowing water and surrounding unique natural beauty never fail to impress guests.

Located on the midway between downtown Muğla and coastal town of Marmaris, Akyaka village was a modest fishing village until 20 years ago before it started to attract local and foreign tourists with boat trips on the Azmak and surrounding rivers. The Azmak River, which looks like a natural aquarium, attracts more than 1 million local and foreign tourists every year.