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Tourists get treatment they need in Turkey’s Antalya

Tourists get treatment they need in Turkey’s Antalya

Antalya, the “tourist capital” of Turkey, also remains one of the preferred destinations for medical tourism.

Millions of tourists visit Antalya every year. The province continues to attract the attention of holidaymakers from all over the world for its natural beauty, sea, sand, sun and historical monuments.

In recent years, the province has been actively developing the infrastructure of health tourism.

Patients from different parts of the have the opportunity to return from Antalya, fully recovering their health.

The medical centers of the “tourist capital” are equipped with advanced technologies, services to patients are provided by doctors of the highest category.

All hospitals and medical centers in Antalya have passed the Safe Tourism certification program initiated by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A wide range of surgeries are performed in Antalya, from organ transplants to dental treatment and aesthetic surgeries.

Marianella Bustamante from Colombia said she has been treating her teeth for five years, but at home she could not achieve the desired result.

“In Turkey, doctors are professionals in their field. The treatment ended in a short time. I got rid of pain, my smile changed, ”she said.

Natalia Evrikova from Russia came to Antalya on the advice of a friend.

“I have been struggling with dental disease for many years. But in Turkey it was cured in a short time. The procedures were painless. I was pleased, ”said the 35-year-old woman.

Dana Rakhimbekkyzy, who came from Kazakhstan for treatment, said one of her teeth had cut into flesh and was causing severe pain.

In the hospitals where the 25-year-old woman applied, they refused to carry out the operation because the tooth had not erupted sufficiently.

“I used to come to Antalya on vacation, now – to be treated. When I arrived, I was told that the condition was somewhat difficult, but the wisdom teeth were successfully removed. Now I smile comfortably, I am in a good mood, because I don’t worry about my teeth,” the woman said.

Africans also come to Antalya for treatment.

Raissa Bibalu from Gabon successfully treated her teeth at the Antalya Dental Clinic.

Melanie Iinelioglu from France says Turkey has had significant success in dental treatment.

The woman added that she was impressed by the technological transformation in Turkey.