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Turkey evacuated ill citizen from Bolivia

Turkey evacuated ill citizen from Bolivia

Turkey’s deputy foreign minister said Sunday that Turkey brought an ill citizen from Bolivia to be treated in the country, highlighting the state’s efforts for its nationals around the world.

“We first brought our citizen with health problems in Bolivia to La Paz [from Cochabamba] in an embassy vehicle, then to Sao Paulo [Brazil] by plane, and evacuated [together with] our citizens to Turkey,” Yavuz Selim Kiran said on Twitter. He also shared an infographic that elaborated the process.

“Everywhere in the world… on the ground and at the table,” he wrote, referring to Turkey’s active diplomacy.

On Saturday, Kiran shared another story of how medicines were delivered via a special cargo plane to a Turkish national who is a kidney patient. The person had run out of drugs while working on a ship in the Indian Ocean.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, Turkey has provided medical aid to dozens of countries, and brought back thousands of its citizens from around the world on special flights.