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Turkey is the fifth cheapest country to work from home: research

Turkey is the fifth cheapest country to work from home: research

One day, millions of people left the office and some may not have realized that the day was their last time there since then. For many, working from home has now become their regular working routine. This was an initial response to the COVID-19 outbreak that unexpectedly and unpreventably locked people in their homes amid government-level measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, the question of how working from home impacted our wallets has now become important with all the costs added to our expenditures, including the electricity bills or costs of charging our laptops to one cup of coffee after another that we may normally have been provided at the office.

These costs, on the other hand, change from country to country, making some places the most expensive places on earth to work from home. Recent research from comparethemarket.com calculated such expenditures as broadband costs or utility costs in different countries that could stack up throughout a month. The findings showed that, among the countries where the research has been conducted, Barbados, a small island country in the Caribbean region, was the most expensive for those working from home with monthly spending estimated at $586 for broadband, mobile data and basic utilities for lighting, heating and charging a laptop.

This was followed by two of the major European nations, Spain with a monthly cost of $547 and Germany at $530.

According to accounting, which has 28 countries on the list, Turkey is the fifth cheapest country with an overall monthly cost of $187. These include the average monthly cost of a fixed-line broadband package of $13.61, the average price of 1GB mobile data, which is 72 cents along with the cost of electricity for kWh that is 9 cents.