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Turkey lifts limits on exports of protective mask, glove

Turkey lifts limits on exports of protective mask, glove

Turkish companies producing protective masks and medical gloves will no longer have to acquire preliminary authorization to export abroad, according to a recent decision.

The related notice on the Trade Ministry’s communique on goods whose exports were either prohibited or subjected to pre-permits was published on the Official Gazette Friday.

This eliminated the need for obtaining pre-approval for the export of protective masks (gas, dust and nuclear fallout masks) sold under the scope of personal protective equipment regulation and medical sterile/non-sterile gloves supplied to the market under the Medical Device Regulation.

Protective mask and glove products, which were included in the list of goods subject to prior authorization last year as part of the COVID-19 measures were thus removed from this list.

Last year, there was a huge increase in the sale of products commonly used against the spread of the virus, namely the protective masks, disinfections and Turkey’s traditional cologne, a powerful disinfectant used by many to ward off the threat of coronavirus.