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Turkey offers safe holidays, German tourism professionals say

Turkey offers safe holidays, German tourism professionals say

Turkey is a reliable alternative for European travelers looking for a “coronavirus-free destination,” a group of German tourism professionals concluded after being hosted by the Culture and Tourism Ministry as part of a trip to promote Ankara’s new safety measures.

The ministry invited 35 tourism sector representatives from seven German cities to promote its Safe Tourism Certification Program over a three-day introductory trip between July 16-19.

The German group, which visited touristic destinations in Turkey’s Aegean coastal cities of Izmir and Aydın, noted that the country had proved itself to be a safe destination amid the coronavirus pandemic and that it was time for European Union authorities to rethink the travel restrictions.

‘EU restrictions are ridiculous’

Among the German group, Matthias Gürtler, the editor-in-chief of tourism magazine Touristik Aktuel, said very sensible measures had been taken at tourism facilities in the country.

“We have been able to observe the situation at many hotels and my impression is that Turkey has overcome this crisis successfully,” Gürtler said.

He stated that his magazine would promote Turkey as a safe travel destination for Germans, adding that the EU’s travel warnings against the country were not justified.

“I think the restrictions are ridiculous. Although the EU said the restrictions were taken due to health reasons, there may be underlying political factors behind them,” Gürtler said.

He also noted that the coronavirus risk in Turkey was less than that of Spain or Italy.