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Turkey removed sea snot from surface of Marmara Sea

Turkey removed sea snot from surface of Marmara Sea

Turkish citizens can now go swimming and eat seafood without any worries, Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum said, noting that sea snot or marine mucilage, the thick layer of microorganisms covering the Marmara Sea has largely been removed from the surface.

He was speaking after a press conference regarding the Marmara Sea Action Plan Coordination Meeting in Istanbul on Wednesday.

Since last month, the ministry has been pursuing efforts to clean up the slimy substance that derailed the fishing sector and scared away swimmers.

“New formations of sea snot are not expected, according to our scientists. There is no trace of mucilage in the first 20 meters (65 feet), but there is snot in the bottom 10 meters. There is no mucilage 30 meters from the surface,” Kurum said. “We have issued a total of TL 23.5 million ($2.73 million) in fines to 175 businesses and 11 ships following a series of inspections. We have also ceased and desisted 52 businesses due to their actions against the environmental legislation,” Kurum added.

“The area covered with mucilage has decreased to 3.5 hectares. We have increased the amount of financial support to small-scale fishermen to TL 2,000-TL 2,900, twice the amount of the previous year. In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, we will endorse further payments of TL 4.2 million in total. No risks have been detected in the swimming areas, according to the Ministry of Health’s studies. We have run toxicological and pathological tests on mucilage that covers the swimming zones and have not encountered any negative results,” Kurum said.