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Turkey sends medical aid to 80 countries amid COVID-19 outbreak

Turkey sends medical aid to 80 countries amid COVID-19 outbreak

Turkey has sent medical aid to 80 countries as part of its contribution to the global solidarity efforts against the coronavirus pandemic, Vice President, Fuat Oktay, said Thursday.

“We have had the opportunity to help 80 countries that have asked us for help so far,” Oktay said in an online interview.

The main demand from these countries was for face masks, gloves and respirators, Oktay said.

He said two-thirds of the countries in the world, or close to 70%, had requested assistance from Turkey.

Most recently, a second batch of Turkish medical equipment arrived in Libya to help the country fight the coronavirus.

According to diplomatic sources, Turkey’s Ambassador to Tripoli Serhat Aksen personally delivered the medical supplies to Tawfik Harisha, the country’s Government Emergency Administration of the Ministry of Health director.

Emphasizing that they were grateful for Turkey’s help, Harisha thanked Ankara for its support in every field.

Turkey had sent its first aid shipment to the war-torn North African country on April 11 to curb the spread of the virus.

Ankara also made its second delivery containing medical aid to Tunisia, which left for Tunis on May 8. The shipment included surgical masks, overalls, disinfectants, goggles, face masks and face shields.