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Turkey successfully conducted test-firing of locally made maritime missile

Turkey successfully conducted test-firing of locally made maritime missile

Turkey has successfully conducted the test-firing of its locally made maritime missile with a warhead, the country’s Defense Ministry said Friday.

Fired from the TCG Kınalıada corvette, Atmaca successfully hit its target in the Black Sea region, a video shared by the Defense Ministry showed.

Test activities of the long-range anti-ship missile developed by defense contractor Roketsan were carried out in the northern Sinop province, according to the office of governor.

“Our enemies will fear our domestic product Atmaca,” said Naval Forces Cmdr. Adm. Adnan Özbal after observing the test-firing with Erol Karaömeroğlu, the governer of Sinop.

Ismail Demir, head of Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency (SSB), said on Twitter: “Our first national anti-ship missile, #ATMACA, successfully destroyed the target when fired from our national ship TCG Kinaliada.”

Demir also congratulated everyone who contributed to the maritime missile.

In September, Demir had said Atmaca was nearing mass production. The missile in July passed its long-distance test launch.

Atmaca is touted as a high-precision, long-range, surface-to-surface, precision strike anti-ship missile that can be integrated with patrol boats, frigates and corvettes.

The Naval Forces’ inventory currently has the U.S.-made Harpoon anti-ship missiles. They are expected to be replaced by the Atmaca missiles that boast additional superior features.

It boasts a range of more than 200 kilometers (124 miles), posing a threat to targets far outside visual range.

It also provides a target update, reattack, and mission abort capability via modern data link.

The development of the anti-ship missile began in 2009 and a deal for mass production was signed between the SSB and Roketsan in 2018.