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Turkey to remain top destination for Russian tourists despite new measures – ATOR

Turkey to remain top destination for Russian tourists despite new measures – ATOR

Turkey’s new pandemic measures such as compelling face masks in all public places and banning all music events did not adversely affect new bookings by Russian tourists.

Tour operators did not see any negative effects on new bookings for Turkish touristic destinations despite Turkey’s decision to tighten measures to stem the COVID-19, the Association of Tour Operators in Russia (ATOR) said on Monday.

Turkey compelled face masks and other measures in all public places, banned live music events, and prohibited playing of recorded music after midnight in food and entertainment venues, according to a press release by the Turkish Interior Ministry last week.

Turkey also implemented several types of high-standard hygiene rules for stemming the pandemic in touristic facilities, such as forbidding buffets and forcing social distancing also on beaches and in pools.

Russian citizens do not like wearing masks too much but such measures cannot scare away tourists who want to have a rest in Turkey, the ATOR statement read.

It also said 90% of Russian tourists never leave the hotels they are staying during their vacations because Turkish hotels have all inclusive systems, including shops selling jewels or clothes.

Touching on the music events, the report said Turkey is already a family resort destination and 30% of foreign tourists in hotels are children.

Loud music events and discos have always been annoying factors and sources of complaints for several families with children.

The report also said that Russian tourists’ new reservations are expected to be better in September than August despite new pandemic restrictions.

Turkey will remain the top destination for Russian tourists, it added.

The coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China last December, has spread all around the world, infected over 29 million people and killed over 924,000 people.

Turkey has so far registered over 291,000 infections, while nearly 259,000 of them recovered and more than 7,000 died.

Due to the pandemic, several sectors, especially tourism and travel, have been facing problems related to measures, such as lockdowns.