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Turkey to reopen preschools amid pandemic

Turkey to reopen preschools amid pandemic

Turkey’s Ministry of National Education greenlit the reopening of preschool across the country next week amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ankara announced earlier this week that all schools would switch to online education as the number of COVID-19 patients increased.

Education Minister Ziya Selçuk, however, sent a circular to local education directorates in 81 provinces on Friday to partially reverse the decision.

“As part of consultations between our ministry and relevant agencies, it was considered to be appropriate to continue in-person education for five days a week in all public and private preschools,” the statement by Selçuk said.

According to the ministry, preschools will be allowed to hold in-person education, with six classes every day. Each class, or “activity hour” as it is officially called, will last for 30 minutes. Parents who do not prefer sending their children to school will have access to online educational materials for those students.