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Turkey to request negative PCR test for public intercity travel

Turkey to request negative PCR test for public intercity travel

As part of its anti-coronavirus measures, Turkey began requiring people to present a negative PCR test when traveling by public transportation between cities.

People who have not been vaccinated at least with two jabs or have not recently recovered from COVID-19 will have to submit a negative PCR test taken no later than 48 hours before the travel via plane, bus or train, according to a fresh series of new measures against the pandemic.

Citizens who fail to submit a vaccine card or a negative PCR test result will not be allowed intercity transportation.

The airports, bus terminals, and train stations request the passengers to show their HES code – personal code generated by the country’s coronavirus contact tracing system – which shows whether they have been vaccinated, recovered, check the time that is scientifically considered immune after the disease, or have a negative PCR test.

People traveling on private vehicles are so far excluded from the PCR requirement.

Meanwhile, the PCR test centers opened by the Health Ministry at the airports will also continue their operations, and the passengers who wish can have a PCR test there.