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Turkey to restore 2,300-year-old columns in Temple of Apollo

Turkey to restore 2,300-year-old columns in Temple of Apollo

Restoration and repair works have been launched to strengthen three columns in the Temple of Apollo in the Didim district of southwestern Aydın province.

The Temple of Apollo, which is located in the Hisar neighborhood, is considered one of the best-preserved temples of antiquity. The temple was completely unearthed and partially reerected with the archaeological excavations carried out between 1906-1913.

The temple was one of the most important centers of prophecy in the ancient world. It served as the oracle center of important cities such as Ephesus and Priene, which formed the city-states of Ionia, and was actually affiliated to the sanctuary of the ancient city of Miletus. Although its construction was started in 560 B.C., it was never finished. Perhaps the main reason why it was not completed was that it was the third-largest sanctuary in the ancient world. The other two major oracle centers of the ancient world were the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus and the Temple of Hera in Samos.

When the Persians attacked the city of Miletus to suppress the rebellion of the Ionian city-states, the most important assets of the temple were taken to the Persian capital, Ekbatan. A few centuries later, Alexander the Great captured the city of Miletos and gave the temple management over to its residents. With the help of Alexander, the temple took its present form.

Ceremonies were held in the Temple of Apollo in ancient times. Since this structure was extremely large, many famous names came to this temple due to various prophecies.