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Turkey to test domestic VLP vaccine against delta variant

Turkey to test domestic VLP vaccine against delta variant

Turkish-made virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine against COVID-19 will be tested against the delta variant during Phase 3 trials, a professor involved in the development and trials said.

Professor Fevzi Altuntaş said, “The domestic VLP vaccine can be adapted and designed rapidly against variants, which is a major force during the pandemic. Our VLP vaccine will be adapted and tested against delta variant in Phase 3.”

Altuntaş pointed out that healthy volunteers were needed to compete Phase 3 quickly.

“It is important that healthy individuals over the age of 18, who have not had COVID and have not been vaccinated, apply for our local vaccine. Of course, there may be various groups and various sub-analyses during the Phase 3. A group of those who have been vaccinated before can also be given this VLP vaccine, we’ll probably see it next month,” he said.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, a volunteer in trials of the VLP vaccine, announced Friday that the jab’s Phase 2 trials had concluded and no serious side effects or other problems were found during the stage.