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Turkey will end 2020 with ‘surprising’ growth rate, Erdoğan says

Turkey will end 2020 with ‘surprising’ growth rate, Erdoğan says

Turkey’s economic figures showed promising developments in June amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, the nation’s president said Wednesday.

“Initial figures for June signal promising developments in this respect,” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told his ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party’s extended meeting of provincial heads via video link.

He added that July would bring a “much higher jump” for the economy.

Erdoğan said all commercial activities had gradually been resuming with the country’s normalization process from strict social distancing and isolation measures implemented during the pandemic, adding that the government would allocate all its resources to support production and employment.

“When we reach the year-end, we will close 2020 — which is seen as a loss in the world, especially in Europe — hopefully with a growth rate that is surprising for everyone,” Erdoğan said.

Despite the epidemic, Turkey had a busy schedule of opening ceremonies of various different facilities across the country, which he said was a “sign of potential and strength of Turkey.”

He added that in the coming days, hospitals and hydroelectric power plants would also be opened.

Noting that Turkey had overcome the coronavirus pandemic, he said this success would be crowned with strict compliance to hygiene, mask-wearing and distance rules.