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Turkey’s ASELSAN develops electric train control and management system

Turkey’s ASELSAN develops electric train control and management system

Innovations and development in the field of rail systems by Turkey’s leading defense and electronics firm, ASELSAN, have reduced the country’s dependence on imports. The company’s use of domestic resources has contributed greatly to the industry, and now Turkey will soon be in a position to export its products.

The company has developed the train control and management system, dubbed as the “brain” of the trains that provides centralized management with its in-house software, hardware technologies and algorithms to ensure high security. The system’s onboard tests are currently ongoing.

The widespread use of electric rail transportation lines both within the city and as intercity transportation further highlighted the need for fast, reliable, comfortable and energy-efficient rail transportation. Accordingly, the share of electrical-electronic, control and communication technology-based components, which play a critical role in meeting this need, in rail transportation systems is gradually increasing.

Turkey was previously importing train control and management systems or traction systems, none of which is sustainable or cost-effective.

Most particularly, in the new generation trains, advanced technology components such as the train control and management system with a high level of safety and the distributed traction system come to the fore.