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Turkey’s Cappadocia welcomes tourists amid normalization process

Turkey’s Cappadocia welcomes tourists amid normalization process

With the resumption of flights to Cappadocia – one of the most famous tourist centers in Turkey, foreign and local tourists flock to the site.

Tourists coming to Cappadocia can see the Goreme National Park and the cave settlements of Cappadocia, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The number of people wishing to admire the unique natural landscape of the region, in particular the Peri Bacalari valley (“Fireplaces of fairies”), ancient monasteries in the rocks, underground cities, and make balloon flights is growing every year.

However, since March 2020, balloon tours of the year have not been organized in Cappadocia due to the new type of coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Local tour operators took all measures to ensure the safest possible relaxation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tours in Cappadocia are organized mainly for tourist sites that have received the certificate of “Healthy Tourism”.

Listed on UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List since 1985, Cappadocia attracts millions of tourists each year with its famous fairy chimneys, natural rock formations, underground settlements, rock-cut historical monasteries and hot air balloon tours.