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Turkey’s Edirne remains favorite shopping spot for Bulgarians

Turkey’s Edirne remains favorite shopping spot for Bulgarians

The coronavirus pandemic has not prevented Bulgarian tourists from arriving and visiting the city of Edirne in northwestern Turkey, which has been a favorite hot spot for visitors from across its neighboring borders.

Bulgarians head over the border daily to meet many of their needs and benefit from Turkey’s competitive prices and high-quality goods.

The trend has particularly accelerated as of September when Bulgaria lifted a quarantine for citizens arriving from Turkey.

“Business is going well, thank God,” said Salih Mızrak, citing the arrivals from the neighboring country

The tradesman at the weekly Ulus Bazaar, a covered marketplace offering a wide range of goods, including textiles and kitchen products, Mızrak told Demirören News Agency (DHA) that Bulgarian customers have livened up the city, particularly over the last month.

Busy crowds in Edirne marketplaces are particularly spotted on Fridays and weekends when Bulgarian tourists typically arrive.

One of the major reasons behind this wave of visitors is the volatility in exchange rates that led to the Turkish lira’s sharp decline, making Turkish products much more affordable for tourists.

Visitors from Bulgaria are said to be buying as many products as they can carry while continuing their shopping, despite the growing increase in coronavirus cases in both countries.