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Turkey’s Erzurum becoming center of medical tourism

Turkey’s Erzurum becoming center of medical tourism

International patients are satisfied with the high level of service and effective treatment methods at Erzurum Hospital, the center of winter tourism in Turkey.

Erzurum City Hospital is equipped with the most advanced technology and modern beds. The spacious intensive care unit is equipped with the latest technology. The patients are provided with single rooms of increased comfort. Experienced hospital staff and doctors of the highest qualification category have advanced diagnostic and treatment skills.

Erzurum City Hospital, which opened two years ago, is designed to treat 1,500 patients at the same time.

Since then, thousands of citizens of many foreign countries, including Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Syria and Kenya, have been treated in the hospital. People also come for treatment from the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan.

The friendly and courteous hospital staff speaks Arabic, Farsi and English, which makes it easier to communicate with patients.

In the courtyard of the medical institution there are tabloids with signs that introduce guests to the popular historical and tourist sites of Erzurum: the Palandoken ski center, Tortum waterfall, madrasah with a double minaret and Narman Peribajalara.

The department of the hospital for foreign citizens in 2019 served about 2,000 patients, in 2020 – 400, in January-October 2021 – 1,000 patients. In general, over three thousand people have used the services of the hospital over three years.

The head physician of Erzurum hospital, Ibrahim Hakki Tor, said the department for foreign citizens is providing services after the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Tor, mainly patients from Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan come for treatment.

“Most of the treatments are related to operations in the field of endocrine, oncological, cardiovascular, urological, robotic surgery and operations on the prostate gland. We are pleased that the hospital can provide such services. The patients are also satisfied, ”said the head physician.

Thor noted that patients are also taught about the city’s historical and tourist sites.

The head physician added that in recent months, the number of applications for hospital treatment from abroad has increased.