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Turkey’s famed resort town of Çeşme gets plastic waste-free plan

Turkey’s famed resort town of Çeşme gets plastic waste-free plan

Izmir had joined World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) “Plastic Waste Free Cities Network” in 2019 and committed to gradually stopping the city’s plastic waste from mixing with nature until 2030, and as part of the initiative, the city’s famed resort town of Çeşme had become a pilot district. In light of these, the mayor of Çeşme announced the outline of the district’s action plan for the fight as Blue Panda sailed into town.

Çeşme became a pilot district in 2020 within the scope of the “Plastic Smart Cities” protocol signed between WWF-Turkey and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (IBB).

As part of WWF’s Mediterranean Marine Initiative (MMI) the Blue Panda sailboat had started a voyage of “Preserving the Treasures of the Mediterranean” from the Portofino Marine Protected Area in Italy, aiming to draw attention to the threats facing the Mediterranean, and one of the locations on its route was Izmir.

As such, in its journey, Blue Panda recently sailed into Izmir and Çeşme Mayor Muammer Ekrem Oran took the opportunity to explain the plastic-free target and their action plan against plastic pollution

Çeşme is committed to reducing plastic pollution by 30% over the next two years, hoping to clean and preserve, the natural beauty of its beaches.