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Turkey’s Havelsan messaging app has world’s 1st white-box cryptography

Turkey’s Havelsan messaging app has world’s 1st white-box cryptography

Secure communication solutions are now among the most discussed topics across Turkey amid rising concerns over data security. Developed by leading Turkish defense industry firm Havelsan, secure communications and instant messaging program “Havelsan ileti” has the world’s first and only white-box cryptography and is among the applications that have gained new popularity and have begun to be used by major corporations and institutions in Turkey, an Anadolu Agency (AA) report said Sunday.

The development of technology and especially the widespread use of mobile technologies increase cyberattack risks. With these increasing threats of attacks, communication and information security on mobile platforms gain more importance.

Thanks to the White Box Cryptography Library Havelsan ileti uses, personal keys are protected in the software so that the capturing of keys is prevented.

The ileti, which means message in Turkish, first started to be used by the employees of Havelsan and is now made available to the personnel of the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB), the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and the Competition Authority.

The program, developed by Havelsan engineers by producing original cryptography algorithms in cooperation with universities, has security technologies not included in existing mobile communication platforms.

With its security technologies, Havelsan ileti enables corporate personnel to communicate securely, protecting personal data and corporate data by preventing third-party communications.

The application can be installed and updated without using application stores such as the Google PlayStore or Apple Store, through the messaging app’s platform.

With Havelsan ileti, the institutions’ personnel can send messages, make secure voice and video calls, share media, documents and locations, and make collective meetings through corporate groups.

Havelsan General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar told AA that the Havelsan ileti was developed according to the criteria under the Information and Communication Security Guide published by the Presidency Digital Transformation Office.

“Thanks to the White Box Cryptography Library, Havelsan ileti ensures that data is transmitted and stored securely with a high level of software security. With this feature, the ileti is one step ahead of other instant-messaging applications in terms of security. In addition to ensuring end-to-end communication security, extra measures regarding communication security have been taken in the messaging product, which can be installed on the servers of the institutions within the scope of information security,” he said.

Havelsan ileti, Nacar continued, “enables people to communicate quickly and increase productivity in working life in the age of technology we live in, with the support of securely integrating with the systems within the institutions.”