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Turkey’s Health Minister calls on public to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Turkey’s Health Minister calls on public to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Turkey’s Health Minister Fahrettin Koca urges society to get vaccinated.

By taking our own measures, we will learn to participate in the normalization of life, he told media outlets following a virtual meeting of the Coronavirus Science Board on Wednesday.

When the course of the COVID-19 pandemic is considered, the periods with strict measures and lockdowns resulted in dramatic drops in the numbers of new infections, said Fahrettin Koca.

“On the other hand, when we lose control, each reopening period leaves deep traces that we experience with exponentially rising numbers in cases, patients, and losses.

“We certainly pay heavy medical, human, economic, and sociological prices unless we socialize in a controlled way,” he added.

“We must not waste the results of our sacrifice during restriction periods through a rush or trying to instantly return to our old normal,” he said, adding: “Although we’ve achieved a significant breaking in the course of the pandemic, we must remember that the virus is still circulating among us.”

Personal measures will be more significant from now on, Koca noted, saying this summer will be the last one for wearing masks.

“To successfully achieve this, I’ve only one new request from you: Those who have their turns for vaccination, please receive their jabs,” he emphasized.

“Phase 3 human trials, the final phase of the vaccine studies, of our vaccine candidate developed with the support of the Health Institutes of Turkey will begin. It has been produced as a working product and the final tests are being carried out,” he noted.

When it passes all tests, Turkey will start to use it clinically as soon as possible, he added.

Koca also said comparing the vaccines in terms of their reliability and effectiveness requires time.

“We can’t talk about stopping the pandemic without making at least 60% of our society immune through our vaccination program. To achieve this, we have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones.”